Monday, 28 May 2012

All about Zach Anderson

Mrs Anderson's dog Zach Anderson is 10 years old and he was born in 2002.Today Zach came into our classroom, we got to pat him and take lovely photos of him. Zach likes to walk every single day.His favourite toy is Kathleen, a soft toy that looks like a duck.

 Zach's birthday is on the 26 of April. He is a Golden Retriever.His hobby is trying to snatch Archie the cats food. Zach's favourite food is pies and it always has to be steak and cheese. But he only gets pies on his birthdays. In his whole life he has only had 10 pies. Zach is really friendly and has soft fur.He always listens and he always shows respect to others. Zach is a nice dog. I like Zach because he is friendly and he's so cute and awesome.

Monday, 14 May 2012

George Tupou V the king of Tonga

This is George Tupou V the king of Tonga. Sadly during last weekends the king of Tonga George Tupou V had pass away.I am so and sorry to all the Tongan people and kids who are hurt to hear about their king.I am so sorry that he had pass away.

RIP George Tupou

Friday, 4 May 2012

Our sport activity at Tamaki College

On Wednesday the 2nd of May 2012 Glenbrae's senior block went to Tamaki College for sports.We had lots of fun.We did all sorts of things like high jump and line tag. In line tag you have one person that's in and you have to try and tag other people. The we all had a little game of basketball it was so fun I feel like playing it over and over again.I imagine that day again and again.  

Awesome and fabulous Christchurch

Hi my name is Apii and this is what I've done in Christchurch. During the school holidays I went to Christchurch, it was so awesome and fabulous I felt lots of shakes which was so scary. Anyway this is what I have done on a rock I have decorated it with glitter that has glue on it and something else but I have done Maori patterns on it the colour is blue and green I really enjoyed doing it and also I enjoyed it down Christchurch.