Monday, 11 June 2012

Milo,Molenberg and Milk

Today Room 7 went to Pak’nSave to learn about food labels.We took the bus it was warm and cosy and it was fantastic in there.When we arrived at Pak’nSave we had to get into a group of fives and wait for Ainslie the Food for Thought teacher to tell us what section we go to. My group teacher was Ms Anderson. The first section the group went to was the Dairy section.We had to find food that is made with dairy in it like coloured milk, cheese and yogurt. There were so many types of dips, cream cheese and sliced cheeses too.
The next section was to move onto the breakfast and cereals.The cereal that I picked was Nestle Milo. We had to look at the energy from Milo.  It was 490.kJ,sugar was 8.29g,Fat was 1.4g Dietary Fibre was 2.3g and the Sodium was We discovered that Milo is high in sugar. When we finished looking at the breakfast and cereals.The next section was to move on to bread and we had to choose one of them and look at the per 100g.One of each kid in the group gets a turn to get things we need and I was the one that needs to pick the bread I picked Molenberg bread because that's the kind of bread my family gets.
EnergyFat,TotalSugarDietary Fibre Sodium
902 kj1.5g2.5g5.0g430 mg

The muesli bar that we picked was Choc Rainbow Bubble Bar.
EnergyFat,TotalSugarDietary FibreSodium
1710 Kj10.5g27.6g0g227mg

The muesli bars surprised me because the Dietary Fibre was 0.g.
At the end of our fun and fabulous trip before we went back to school our class got a $60.00 voucher for being really good.Our teacher said we can get healthy food for our lunch at school I wish our class can go back again.
Ka Kite Ano

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