Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Beach

Wednesday 30th October 2013

The Beach
Who : Lisa, Lauren, Kathren, Kaialani
Where: The Beach
When:On a sunny afternoon
How: Travelled by car
Why:To spend time together
It was a nice sunny day we began to feel the heat rushing through our body’s and sweat dripping. Everybody was dying to go for a swim at the beach. Lisa told everyone to get their swimming togs, and their towels, “we are going to the beach” said Lisa. Kathren and Kaialani were super excited for a nice cold swim.

As soon as they left the house everyone had to put on sunscreen to protect themselves from the sun. Lauran forgot to put sun lotion on and she hopped in the car. “Everybody buckle up” yelled Lisa . When they got there Kathren ran straight into the cold water. Lisa was doing a head count and was telling them about the rules and not to go too far from the shore because the big waves could wash them away. Before entering the water Kaialani’s  nose began to bleed and Kathren came back with cuts on her feet because she was jumping off the oyster rocks.

Everyone decided to build sand castles and have a competition while Lisa went back to the car to get the first aid kit for Kathren and Kaialani. “Kathren you know not to go on the rocks unless an adults with you”! yelled Lisa. Everyone felt hungry and decided to go home. “ Next time we will go to the pools instead” said Lisa. Everyone felt happy and wonderful and they were all safe.