Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The fun day at the Polyfest

On Friday morning my family and I went to the Polyfest. My Uncle drove us there.It was a beautiful drive because we saw the beach. It took us 30 minutes to get there.When we got there it was so hot like burning fire. We saw our Cook Island Group there practising  their perfect dance.My Aunty is a tutor for Rutherford College, this College is in Te Atatu North which is out West. If you don't know Rutherford College well now you do.

After a few hours it was time for our group to perform on stage.  The drummer's were the first people to come on stage while the girls were changing.Their performance was so loud when they were banging the drums. About 5 minutes later the girls came on stage and were dancing. Heaps of people were there. When they finished the whole group got changed. Then it was time to eat some fantastic chop soy and have a delicious cold mango juice.We all sat down and ate the food, it was so yummy and delicious.

After we ate we went looking around for lovely colorful lava lavas .It was an awesome day we all enjoyed the fabulous perfomences and the lovely food we had.My Aunty was so proud of the group,how they had performed and showed respect to the audience and also the people who weren’t watching but still supported the group.The drummer’s and the girls were so proud of themself. They all enjoyed performing on stage in front of everyone watching. There was time for the kids to go and have a little play and have a bit of fun.After a few minutes it was time to go, I can’t wait to go back to the Polyfest again.

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